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The Magic Fish of Regensburg

Inspiration for December's wallpapers for my Patrons came hot on the heels of 2 drawing challenges In October and November when I was illustrating tales from The Turnip Princess.

Regensburg in Bavaria is the city where the Franz Xaver Von Schönwerth papers were re-discovered (read more about those here). I started to look at images of Regensberg with the idea of creating a cozy winter scene. I have never been much good at depicting buildings but I was encouraged by the previous challenges.

Regensburg is an old walled city on the River Danube. The unexpected outcome of researching images is that my bucket list has a new addition - to visit Regensburg for the Christmas Markets (and the fairy tales).

Oh but I struggled with this! I restarted a few times, but I'm now pretty happy with it. So here we have the old stone bridge across the Danube with a view of the old town and the cathedral. I've included an enchanted fish, because... Von Schönwerth collected quite a few enchanted fish tales.

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