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The Turnip Princess

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

After a few years off I thought I'd try doing Inktober again. Inktober is a yearly art challenge to get you drawing every day in October. Like 2019 I'm picking a not-so-well-known fairy tale to use as my prompts for each day. This year though will be created with digital ink. My parameters are black and white with 1 colour allowed each day and I must finish before midnight.

Choosing the right tale was difficult. I was looking for something ghosty or spooky with enough plot to last me 31 days. But so many of those types of tales have an excess of mindless violence (skinning cats and beating people to death etc -thank you Brother's Grimm) or concentrate on infant deaths.

I read soooo many stories. Then I turned to The Turnip Princess and other Newly discovered Fairy Tales. Collected by Franz Xaver Von Schönwerth in the mid 1800's and rediscovered in the municipal archive of Regensberg, Bavaria in 2009 by Erika Eichenseer.

Like any collection, there will be a focus, and we have come to know the foibles of the Grimm's with the types of stories they chose to include and in the manner of the editing. Reading these tales really highlights the bias with which the Grimm's published.

The Turnip Princess and other Newly discovered Fairy Tales broadens our perspective of tales of that time.

Eventually, I chose The Red Silk Ribbon. It isn't a ghost story, but there are Mermaids, a fairytale bargain, transformations, Dragons, speaking animals, princesses and more.

I cut it up into 30 plot points which were shuffled every now and then, and off I went.

You can follow the story and images on my Instagram @spikedeane_art , Twitter @spikedeane and for Patrons I will be adding each image to a single post.

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