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Princess Floralinda

Very probably if Princess Floralinda and the forty-flight tower by Tamsyn Muir hadn't been a text to read for a course I wouldn't have picked it up. EVEN though it is obviously fairy-taley I assumed it was for primary school readers - it isn't (maybe with Parental guidance).

Thanks to many recommendations I listened to the Audiobook read by Moira Quirk - whose narration style is just perfect!

A maiden in the tower tale (think Rapunzel and friends) I laughed and snorted all the way through Princess Floralinda and the forty-flight tower. I appreciated the pokes at fairy tale archetypes and the commentary on fairy tale feminism and societal roles. Don't think it is all giggles and moonbeams though, there are some sticky moments - emotional and physical.

A short read or a mere 4 hours Audio book.

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