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Folk Tale Week 2021- Feast

Food crops up quite a lot in fairy tales. But I didn't want just any feast, I wanted there to be a particular dish to focus on and then run riot with as much food as I could draw before midnight.

You may recognise the motif from the tale type ATU 510B or Catskin, DonkeySkin, Allerleirauh, Mossycoat and many others tales where a father wants to marry his daughter.

After Catskin has left her father's Kingdom she works in the Palace kitchen in another court. To reveal herself, over 3 nights, when she delivers the Prince's soup she slips in a piece of golden jewelry. Click here to read a summary of the tale

I enjoyed drawing all the dishes and looking up obscure flatware. Finding a way to make the ring look out of the ordinary rather than just a piece of carrot was tricky... but got there in the end. I'm drawing again in the evenings, so time is limited - I now realise there is no bread for the huge pat of butter and nothing to drink!

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