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Folk Tale Week 2021- Bird

Now I'm looking back at all the tales that feature birds but I have already taken a scene from that tale - oh well (regretting self-imposed challenge boundaries). So this time I'm looking at 'Beautiful Angiola' a collection of Fairy Tales collected by Laura Gonzenbach and translated by Jack Zipes.

The Green Bird story starts off as a Tower Maiden tale. A young woman and her nurse are locked up in a tower to avoid some prophecied disgrace. Over the years the maiden manages to dig a hole through the tower wall. She is delighted to see the sky and birds and the colours of the outside world. And who should come visiting but a glistening green bird - a prince under enchantment.

I can't find a summary of this tale on the internet -boo. But there are many fairy tale motifs included and to be honest I think the Prince is a bit of a dill. He is a better bird than Prince. If my Patrons will it - I will summarise this bizarre tale.


Maiden locked in a tower

Prince as bird

Make the princess laugh

Waiting for 7 years

Test and trials of waiting


Revenge of 3 parts


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