Essence of Cloud

Updated: Apr 4

Essence of Cloud is a whimsical tale of intrigue, fantasy and earth repair...

In 2020 I have been making elements for my friend Mark Eliott for his up and coming exhibition Essence of Cloud. Mark is a talented and skilled flame-worker (shaping and blowing glass at the torch) creating whimsical creatures and objects out of glass.

During his Masters at Sydney College of the Arts, Mark and film student Jack McGrath got together to create a short feature film called Dr Mermaid and the Abovemarine- a stop motion animation made from blown glass!

Check out the Essence of Cloud Go Fund Me campaign - which offers prints, the art book, handblown pieces, flame-working lessons and more to supporters.

Mark is a talented and skilled flame-worker (shaping and blowing glass at the torch) and I tend to specialise in cast glass. Despite our shared medium and love for narrative and story the technique, equipment and even the type of glass required in our disciplines are very different. We have had some long conversations via phone and zoom and some in person meetings before the ACT border restrictions.

In between commissions I have been translating Mark's gorgeous sketches to cast mountains and boats while Mark will flame-work all the creatures, trees and of course clouds! I just pulled some pieces out of a kiln days before Christmas..with the boat being made in January.

Mark was the winner of the 2019 Tom Malone prize with this amazing piece called Down at the Water Table

I can't wait to see the project come together with the story, artwork, animations, perfume bottles, art book and music - I do believe it will be magical!