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Birthday Mermay

Another example of how #mermay went to my head this year.

Last Mermay*, one of the prompts was 'draw your self as a mermaid' which I thought was a wonderfully whimsical idea and enjoyed seeing it on other people's Instagram accounts. This year though, as I had made my colouring in mermaid paper doll, nothing could be easier than to colour in my purple glasses, brown hair + grey streak, key necklace and my favourite top to create a likeness.

I have been following the #paperdoll hashtag on Instagram and through my browsing came across illustrator Lucia Soto. She creates delightful paper cut outs of herself and inserts them into her day to day landscape.

These two things and my birthday coalesced into an idea. See Mermay Birthday shenanigans above. I had fun... and a lovely birthday.

*Mermay is a month-long celebration of creativity, community and above all… MERMAIDS

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