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Winged Beasts for a Merry Yule!

Just in time for a pre Christmas crafter-noon of colouring, cutting and glueing I have created some DIY paper decorations for your yule and holiday festivities. There are 4 designs of winged beasts amongst the Holly, Ivy and Oak.

It's almost Yule, but it's crispy hot here in Canberra and seriously snowy in other parts of the world. I've used Holly and Oak on either side of the winged beasts to represent the Summer and Winter solstices.


There is a story about the Oak King and the Holly King, twice a year they fight each other, power is gained and lost as the wheel of the year turns.

Ivy, staying green through out the year stands for the promise of green growth returning and frankly we need that promise here in Australia too where it is very brown.

Pegasus was the child of Poseidon and Medusa and was born when Medusa's head was cut off by Perseus, ewwwww! Get more weird facts about the famous winged horse at Greek Mythology .com

The King of creatures is the Griffin or Gryphon

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