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Mermaid paper doll

When polishing glass I often have ideas, because my hands are busy my mind is free to wander (such is the nature of 80% of polishing glass). I spent quite a lot of time grinding and polishing glass before my exhibition and one idea kept catching my fancy.

I really enjoyed making the paper puppets I created for the stop-motion animation, not just the making but they were incredibly satisfying to bring to life. While I mused on that I had also been creating the graphic design elements for the Mermaids & Selkies issue of the Australian Fairy Tale Society Ezine....

and so I thought... wouldn't it be fun to make a mermaid paper doll?

Since #mermay was coming up I decided to make a project of it and give the pattern to my newsletter list and new May subscribers.

I was delighted with the messages I received on the print out being passed on to mermaid mad young women or time spent with making the doll up with granddaughters but what I didn't see happening was how much FUN I would have with it through out #mermay.

Want to see how much fun I had? Have a look at my #mermay round up and something I did for my birthday

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