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Trust the Process?

I trusted the process through ugly and kitsch and I began to despair by boring and bland.

What seemed like a simple little job almost bested me.

Round-teal-Brindebellas-night sky and Canberra were the mood words for the brief.

Trusting the process is all very well but I prefer to play to my strengths (are they the same though?). After all the palaver above trying to make something 2D, I switched tack and reverted to form and added a little depth.

I rolled out some clay in a circle and in about 15 minutes had a loose impressionistic textured landscape. I made an investment mold. Found enough glass in the right colours and stacked it carefully in a pot, and let it melt out. I like the result - and I feel I have learned a new process.

In the stand- I hope the Winner of the 2023 What The Film Awards likes it.

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