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The National 2021: New Australian Art

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Kangaroo teeth at the MCA

I cast some black crystal kangaroo teeth for Maree Clark in October- November last year. Tricky little things to cast, so I made many more waxes than I needed to get the amount that Maree needed to make a necklace. I used a harder wax than usual - bright red but it keeps details crisp and sharp.

There were some failures in this process. Some glass casting fundamentals were reinforced during this project!

Now that they are all polished and bound, they are transformed! You can see this piece and more of Maree's work at The National 2021: New Australian Art exhibition showing at the MCA in Sydney.

Screen shot from the MCA's video.

Given COVID restrictions you can also see a video of Maree talking about the work here. Scroll down for The National 2021: Maree Clarke

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