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Reimagining Kallur

I have been relaxing in the evening with an audiobook and iPad. Scrolling through landscape images I pick a photograph and start blocking in colour.

I follow a few landscape Instagram accounts, one notably @Folkscenery. Apart from being restful and inspiring, the images are helping me to practice drawing landscapes. The social media account showcases a photographer with a feature of 6-8 images from their portfolio. For at least one evening a week, I'm sitting on the sofa listening to the Wheel of Time and drawing a lovely landscape. Very chill!

You may recognise the view as the Kallur Lighthouse on Kalsoy in the Faroe Islands. I worked from multiple photos - but I have removed the lighthouse and added some standing stones.

I enjoyed creating this image, so I shared it with my Patrons as the March desktop and phone wallpapers. Every month I create folklorey - whimsical imagery to use on your phone or desktop Join up for $1-1.50 a month.

The left image shows how I start the process. Blocking in Colour, checking proportion and value before I move on to working in the detail. (Landscape from the Lake District).

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