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Mould room snapshots - August

This month, like last month has been lots of wax, moulds and investment casting and getting things OUT of the kilns, which is both terrifying and exciting! As usual I can't show the results of what I am working on (when I am making for other people), only the process - but hey it's glass so plenty of process!

(Top left to right)

Paragon kiln 4 has just been programmed and is ready to go

Nabertherm Kiln 25 stacked and levelled (not yet programmed)

(Bottom left to right)

Stacking crystal in a plant pot (a handy crucible for glass casting)

Steaming and wax area at the Canberra Glassworks (recently cleaned)

The Canberra Glassworks with storm clouds looming

NOT candles (but an idea I'm testing)

Recycled T.V Screen going in for firing.

Talking of process...I have been taking time lapse recordings on my phone this month which are fun, i'll post those next month. Here are Alex and I caught in between..

Alex Fraser-Smith has been my assistant for a few months which has been wonderful, take a look at her gorgeous platters and jewellery range.

I'm really grateful for the work, which I love and especially that I am able to continue to work at the moment. The Canberra Glassworks has worked hard to remain open to local artists during Covid-19. It is a huge building which makes physical distancing easier and we look out for each other.

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