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May & June Studio review

June has unfortunately been a repeat of May, with some suspect glass causing problems in a few projects. We are remaking the objects, which is a bit wearing after 28 days in the kiln but that's glass!

One week the electrics at the glassworks were being tested and each kiln had to be turned off for a few minutes! I had 4 kilns running but all was managed well.

Left to right.

1. TV screen and furnace glass ready for firing for Brendan

2-3 Frosty mornings!

4. Example of a Kiln schedule and sketch.

5. Frosty leaves

6. Powder glass snowflakes before firing

7. Disappointing cracks in glass

8. 3 shapes in plaster

9. Another kiln ready to go.

10. The big pieces going in for a few weeks

11 A busy mold room

12. Some terrazzo tests

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