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Folk Tale Week 2022

I managed 5/7 Folktale Week prompts this year. Folk Tale Week is an image-making challenge in the narrative/storytelling illustrating genre.


This image is loosely inspired by my favourite fictional fool (as in Fitz and Night eyes) and the Tarot card.


I love the trees in fairytales made of gold or silver or precious jewels.


The group of stars I know as the Pleiades has stories from all over the world. In Greek mythology, seven sisters are transformed first into doves then stars in the sky.

Big thanks to Lilith (innocently making herself a cup of tea) who agreed to pose for my reference.


Mossy coat is a tale similar to Donkeyskin. Except this is a wishing coat made of moss and golden thread. Her mother gifts it to her so she can escape a lecherous cunning man and find her way in the world.


I'm thinking of the sleeping draught in 12 Dancing Princesses and East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Yikes, I struggled with the glass bottle.

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