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Coldworking master class

For 5 days I was part of Peter Nilsson's 'Perfect Imperfections: Secrets of Coldworking ' a cold-working master class. I received a bursary from the Australian Design and Fine Arts Societies (ADFAS) to attend for which I was very grateful.

Cold-working = engraving, cutting, grinding, shaping and polishing glass in cold processes.

(saws, diamond wheels, engraving bits etc)

I have focused very intently on casting over the last 8 years, and while I can do what I need to do (mostly) in cold-working, I am rusty and not very confident. There are so many machines and techniques and I always put it off! Note: I finished a piece that I cast 5 years ago in the workshop!

I needed the time to focus on a different skill set and to have access to a skilled professional when I got stuck.

I was cutting stars on the mini lathe with a V-shaped stone wheel on some smashed blown glass. Stars are great for practicing the placement of the glass on the wheel.

So for the September phone wallpaper I took one of my practice pieces and photographed through it. With the dark blue of the glass, the setting sun in my garden is transformed into the moon.

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