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Angry bunnies?

Yep, while hunting for some examples of Rabbits in manuscripts I came across the theme of angry rabbits! Amusing for medieval illustrators to make such harmless animals ferocious... I can see the appeal.

First was this article by This is Colossal which lead me to Adventures of the Medieval Bunny

This then lead to a major RABBIT hole of looking at illustrated manuscripts in the British Library collection which is amazing!

If you want to lose an hour or 2 click the link!

As the in-house critic said "It's almost M for May" but luckily for me A is for Autumn as well as April.

The colour of the sky here in Canberra on a sunny Autumnal day is an incredibly clear blue, heightened by the contrast of Poplars in golden yellow and the Maples in shades of brilliant red. Sometimes though the colours in one's imagination do not translate so well to an illustration so some fiddling was required to balance all the components.

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