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Patron rewards for May

We are midway through Autumn here in Canberra. The Pinoak outside our house has lost almost all of its flame coloured leaves and someone close by in our neighbourhood has a wood-fire, which smells wonderful in the evenings.

Last night was Samhain (Halloween) if you follow the southern hemisphere seasons, which lies between the Autumn and Winter equinox's. I like following the pagan wheel of the year as it revolves around equinoxes, solstices and the seasons.

May's desktop wallpaper is a collage of a print and a pencil sketch. The print was created with 3 layers of colour using some hand cut stencils of leaves, feathers and plants. The pencil sketch is one of my many barn-owl studies.

These wallpaper backgrounds are available to all my Patrons from $1 a month up.

Join me on Patreon for exclusive wallpaper backgrounds, discounts on my Etsy shop and milestone rewards.

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