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Post exhibition Blues

Have you heard of the 'Post Exhibition Blues'?

Well I'm not sure I totally avoided them (TBH I had a few weeks of "ugh!" and "meh!") but did you even know that the Post Exhibition Blues was a thing?

You kind of expect to feel really good after a big project, thinking about how much you achieved, the high of the opening night and all the positive comments from friends and the art community... and you do feel good but it seems for a time after motivation seems to hard to come by and well things can fall a bit flat.

I have tried to avoid the PEB's this time by planning 'Things to do'!

Proposals to submit, a small project to work on, a to-do list plus some exhibitions I wanted to see while I was busy prepping for mine. I also have some big ideas for the next exhibition (perhaps 2021?) to mull over.

So how did that go?

Well I I got my submissions in on time (just), dabbled with my small project, but I haven't completed it yet, went to see Love & Desire and the National Gallery of Australia before I missed it and caught up with friends and reading.

Have you had the PEB's or something similar after a large project?

How do you get through them? let me know :)

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