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Patron Rewards for October

It is getting hard to choose what images to use for the desk top wall paper these days but feathers featured rather heavily last month and that ended up being the deciding factor.

With one print work that started off about Icarus and a continuation on the Bloduwedd theme (flowers, owls) meant I had been cutting more feather stencils. I was particularly chuffed with a stencil / nature print combo that yielded a rather lovely effect. I have been experimenting with the technique and found that only certain foliage showed to the best advantage. Funnily enough the most 'feathery' foliage and flowers worked best.

This technique 'discovery' led me to trying out other patterns within the feathers, with mixed success.

These wallpaper backgrounds are available to all my Patrons from as little as $1 a month up. Join me on Patreon for exclusive wallpaper backgrounds, discounts on my Etsy shop and milestone rewards.

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