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September wrap up

Despite some casting fails the month before I finally tick off the last cast piece in the Branches project.

Clockwise from the top

I start a new chart - for coldworking the branches.

A group of us from the Canberra Glassworks visited 'Sydney Contemporary'. Alex Seton is talking about his sculpting practice at the Sullivan & Strumpf booth.

Daffodils and Jonquils from my garden.

The Shoey project is completed and the Canberra Glassworks crew test drive the product with some St Hugo wine.

My face - puff free in Sydney.

Tulips in Kingston, smashing glass, and the result of the diamond blow mold for Alex Seton.

Clockwise from the top

The rubble from the last branch firing.

The workbench mid-coldworking masterclass

Alex Chambers (with the gloves) and Katie-Anne Houghton (feet) blow another diamond shape for Alex Seton.

Cutting stars at the Coldworking master class

Pots with glass in ready for firing.

I also spent my evenings working on 34 pages of conference papers for the 2022 AFTS conference. Plus postcards, posters and social media images. Gorgeous imagery by Lorena Carrington made it easier - and I was paid a fee - but it made for a really busy September.

I also had my first outdoor skating experience.

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