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May in the Studio

As one kiln door closes another kiln door opens - it has been a revolving door of casting this month. I'm casting for Lynda Draper (Thirroul), technical assistant to Lynette Talbot (Canberra), pouring waxes for Brendan Van Heck (Sydney), fabricating for Svetlana Bailey (NY) and working on 2 small production jobs for Canberra Glassworks. And loving it.

Left to right clockwise.

Freshly fritted glass and hammer

Waterford crystal glasses with chips and cracks - hope to reuse them somehow

A box from New York - a new fabrication in process

A pile of glass about to be popped in a kiln

A wax thumb tip that slid down the side of the melting pot

Left to right clockwise:

Spruing waxes for Lynda Draper

Glass powder prints before fusing

Another full kiln for Lynette Talbot

A full kiln for Lynda Draper

Moulds out of the drying kiln

Brendan Van Hek's growing army of wax hands

A fused glass powder print ready for the shop

Preparing Lynda Draper's sculpture for investment casting

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