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June in the Studio

It is chilly outside, but pretty hot with plenty going on inside the glassworks. Mainly I have been working on a project for Svetlana Bailey, currently working in New York with an exhibition next month in Sydney. I'm fabricating a form for her. I also have an opportunity to make something with glass terrazzo, so that has been occupying my mind too.

Clockwise left to right:

  • Pressing Eucalyptus leaves and Pine bark into clay for texture

  • Recycled glass terrazzo sample

  • A surprising result from a mix of glass colours drizzled through a pot

  • Peter Nilsson helping me with the mystery project

  • A hot kiln

  • God Killer, my latest read.

  • A misty morning with coffee in hand.

  • Some glass waiting to be fired

Clockwise left to right:

  • Kiln at 850℃ coloured glass (blues) slowly spiralling out of the pot.

  • Kiln at room temperature. Clear glass after being drizzled through pots.

  • View from my Saturday twilight walk

  • A collection of pinks. Glass destined to be binned - heading towards terrazzo

  • Prepping a kiln shelf before firing

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