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I bought an iPad Pro -at last

I deliberated over this purchase for a long... long while.

Ipad or drawing tablet? - No doubt friends and family have been exasperated with my oscillating... and this scene from The Big Bang Theory may give you an idea (Please pass the butter replacing iPad Pro and tablet with Xbox and Playstation) to illustrate the depth of my dilemma.

On the last day of the financial year, I bit the bullet and bought a 12 inch iPad Pro and apple pencil. I had to wait 3-4 weeks for it to arrive - oh the anticipation.

One of my main reasons for wanting it is the iPad Pro/Procreate/Apple pencil wonder triad - which is fabulous. Gone are the days of using my mouse to draw (I did try one stylus in the past and it worked well for a short amount of time)

I blasted my way through some great tutorials on Skillshare and the above is one of my first sketches - I love it - why did I wait so long?

I highly recommend these tutorials on Skillshare

(if you don't have a sub I can give you a month trial - just ask and I can email you a link)

Intro to Procreate: Illustrating on the iPad by Brooke Glaser (Professional and chock full of tips)

Hand Lettering in Procreate: Fundamentals to Finishing Touches by Gia Graham Procreate Animation: Creating GIFs for Instagram Stories by Amaya Jade

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