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Flow Zone

March's image "Autumn Tidings"

I had an idea that I thought I would enjoy creating but instead gave myself hours of frustration. In my head, I wanted a richly coloured Autumnal equinox wreath with leaves, berries, nuts and fungi. I spent over 15 hours here and there on the March image. It just wasn't coming together. Eventually, I decided to stop, realised that a circle wouldn't work for the portrait phone format and ended up splitting the wreath to fill the longer space. I discarded so many sketches for this piece.

Compared to...

April's Image "Do Not Disturb".

Setting the scene. I was meeting up with a friend in Sydney in a cafe for the express purpose of drinking coffee and creating. I was drawing and EC was working on a story. I visited the Louise Bourgeois exhibition in Sydney the day before and one of her ceramic pieces stuck with me. I had wanted to draw it at the time but knew I had to keep moving to see the exhibition before closing time.

At the cafe I blocked it out in colour, working from memory and then adding details. I also had a 4-hour car trip back to Canberra to work on the background but the app says I spent a total of 2.58 hours on this image. There was a little fiddling as I found the background quite challenging but once I balanced the values I was back into the flow zone.

It's nice to find the flow zone now and then. I seem to hit upon it when I'm travelling, in those hours when I can't do anything else productive (sorry reading). Maybe I need to shift how I think about it.

How do you find the flow state of the zone?

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