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Cassandra by Kathryn Gossow

I experienced that 'end-of-book' daze once the last word had been consumed and I looked up from the page. I had been so totally absorbed in Cassie's life that returning to my chair in the living room was quite disorientating.

Is the future set like concrete or a piece of clay we can mould and change?

On a remote farm in Queensland, Cassie Shultz feels useless. Her perfect brother Alex has an uncanny ability to predict the weather, and the fortunes of the entire family hinge upon his forecasts. However, her own gift for prophecy remains frustratingly obscure. Attempts to help her family usually result in failure.

After meeting with her new genius neighbour Athena, Cassie thinks she has unlocked the secret of her powers. But as her visions grow more vivid, she learns that the cost of honing her gift may be her sanity.

Shortlisted for the Best Fantasy Novel 2017 in the Australian Aurealis Awards

I was totally hooked and swept away. Such a very Australian story, of ordinary and extraordinary events and family drama. So convincing and capturing is the every day, that the mythic and magical, when it enters is utterly natural.

There are many excellent reviews on Goodreads that express the wonderfulness of this tale much better than I. I would happily recommend Cassandra by Kathryn Gossow to anyone and everyone,

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I reviewed this book some time ago as well! It was a really intense read

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