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Boot Camp

I saw these images on Patricia Piccininni's Instagram the other day, aren't they delicious?

This piece, titled Boot Camp, is one of many that makes up A Miracle Constantly Repeated on show at Flinders Street Station Ballroom.

Fabricated at the Canberra Glassworks, I made the mould that shaped the glass. Patricia gave me the boot she wanted the mould made from and Tom and I had some technical conversations as to what it needed to do - from his perspective as the glass blower.

Tom Rowney lead the team in the glass blowing. The first boot to pop out of the mould was magical! See more images of the process here

Nadina Geary is suited up, Aimee Frodsham on the torch and Tom Rowney on the pipe. Yours truly is holding the camera and in charge of the right hand doors of the heating chamber (some one has to do it).

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