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Local Canberra

I've been working on 2 objects for the Local Canberra exhibition. Both were bowls but very different in design and arrived as 3D printed pieces. I made a silicone mould for each object and then poured waxes - which proved to be challenging. The large bowl (bottom right) was so perfect in form and varied in thickness that pouring a good wax took a lot of persistence. Heating up the mould before pouring the wax really helped.

The smaller 'flanged' bowl (bottom left) also had its challenges as the walls of the bowl were so thin that pouring the wax in one go required injecting. I experimented and learned a lot of techniques.

The exhibition shows a variety of process stages - some in perfect realisation and others still in the prototype stages

Andrew Simpson, requiem for a cathode ray (concept), 2020

p.26 of the Catalogue

from left to right: 3D printed form - half the silicone mould - wax - prototype 1 & 2. Cast in TV screen this object will go through more prototyping to reach the original concept. I'm still chuffed with the first prototype as TV screen is a glass with particular characteristics.

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