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Art for Fires

2 Australian artists (Natalie Eslick & Kat Hamilton) got together to organise Art for Fires, a diverse community of artists donating art work to benefit the front line volunteers of Australia's devastating bush fires and Wildlife rescue charities. (artists choose)

Natalie's reputation has brought well known fantasy artists to donate and that has really got the ball rolling. Collectively over $3000 has been raised so far but that is only for pieces that have already sold, most auctions will end on Sunday.

The online auctions are taking place on social media (mainly Instagram or Facebook) and end on Sunday (Jan 19th) in the evening - but check details on each artist's social media to be certain as many international artists are taking part.

Art work by Natalie Eslick

From the Ashes, Natalie Eslick 2020 (Charcoal) current bid AU$170

There is an amazing variety of art available.... gallery here

I'm donating this blue heart key and currently the bid is AU$100. I'm paying for the postage for anywhere in the world, so that all the proceeds go to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Bid on Instagram or facebook (or contact me if you don't have those)

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