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Gods, Myths & Mortals!

On Halloween I accompanied the in-house critic on a car trip to Melbourne for the purpose of a meeting he was attending the next day. The 600km+ journey was not our best one.

So it was that I intended to make the most of my free time in Melbourne city. I had a day of pure serendipity. A delightful hot chocolate at Hash Speciality Coffee and on my way to top up a bus card I passed by a banner that exclaimed Gods, Myths & Mortals!

This enticing sign led me into the Hellenic Museum of which I hadn't known of before. I spent a pleasant 4 or so hours within its cool confines (outside was 30℃+), moving from room to room sketching pots and sculptures (see pages from my sketch book above).

Also on display is a fabulous sculpture The Messenger by Sam Jinks in one room and a photographic installation ONEIROI by Bill Henson in another. Both brought the magic of myth and ancient objects alive.

The return trip home was without incident.

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