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Artist talk

Today Luna Ryan and I did an artist talk for our exhibition Long held customs (Peter Nilsson was away, but we will do another all together in April).

This morning, as I was gathering up my 'show & tell' I came across a page in my sketch book, which is the kernel idea for Born of Flowers. I'm pleased to look back on it and see that I pretty much realised my hopes for this piece.

My show & tell consisted of: sketch book pages, drawings and prints, cut outs and stencils, tests, books, carvings... a selection of things that slowly built up to the crystallisation of an idea.

I particularly liked finding a page of quick doodles before I had worked out the animation effect, would it be hand drawn? What would my figure look like? See the scribble - paper silhouette with flowers cycling through- that was when the idea struck, I still had no idea how I was going to pull it off, but it set me off on a path of discovery.

It was lovely to see some Patrons there! Thank you for coming along.

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