Áine: Midwinter Moon is in a themed group show called BLUEon display at the Corner Store Gallery in Orange. The drive from Canberra to Orange was beautiful, so much amazing countryside. BLUE is open until Sunday, August 26, 2018.

"Inspired by Iron age Celtic statues of stone and pagan festivals that celebrate light, ‘Àine’s Winter Moon’ reflects and welcomes the return of the

sun. Bathed in the light of a Winter Moon the Celtic Goddess acknowledges the turn of the year, renewing the promise that her time will come again."

Me and my partner at the Corner Store Gallery opening in Orange, as you can see I added some blue colouring to my hair for the opening night.

Thanks to Jude Keogh for the photograph (a local Orange ceramicist and photographer for the Central Western Daily).

#exhibition #Mythology #Celtic

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