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Fairy Tale Award

At the 4th Australian Fairy Tale Society Conference AGM 'Belinda Calderone' was awarded the inaugural 'Australian Fairy Tale Society Award'. Belinda received an original painting by Erin-Claire Barrow to take home and her name was the first to be engraved on the perpetual award that will remain with the AFTS collection. Congratulations Belinda!

Back in April the Australian Fairy Tale Society approached me about creating a sculpture for their new annual award that would celebrate 'Inspiration and Contribution to Australian Fairy Tale Culture'. As a member of the AFTS I was delighted to create something that would I hoped add to the lustre of the honour. Below is my initial proposal submitted to the committee which was designed around the AFTS logo. I'm chuffed that the design came to life so well, although there were a few ups and downs along the way as the materials came together.

Once the design was approved I could order the lead crystal. For this project I wanted to use Gaffer Crystal from New Zealand for the clarity and colour range, so I knew I would have to get cracking as shipping can take a while, also cast glass is time consuming AND I still had to find timber for the base.

You can see some of the stages of the process above. Click on images to get the explanations.

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