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Black-forest fairy grotto, Winter Glass Market 2017

Yesterday was the Canberra Glasswork's annual Winter Glass Market. For this year the theme was totally on point for my glass work with the theme of a Black Forest Fairy Grotto. Hello to everyone who stopped to chat about fairy tales, it's lovely to find more of the Canberra fairy tale community.

I launched a few new products for this years market; 'Glass slippers' & 'Secrets: necklace'.The pendants were popular, so I will be making more of those with some new colours.


Whilst at the market I ran a simple survey of everyone everyone who stopped at my stall (and a few who didn't). "What is the first tale that comes to mind?" I asked. It was fun to see how people reacted and fascinating to hear their responses even if the last time they had though of fairy tales was Once upon a time ago.

Snow White was the most easily recalled tale closely followed by Hansel & Gretel. The pie chart only includes tales that got more than one mention but in the word cloud below it, you can see tales that only one person spoke of or folk tales or themes.

Fairy Tale Survey word art

The market closed at 6pm so I still had time to enjoy some of the Winter Glass Market activities.

I made a viking style glass bead and grabbed some spiced wine, both of which warmed me up wonderfully!

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