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Australian Fairy Tale Conference 2017

Do you ever feel like you are the ONLY one who has an interest in fairy tales?

Attending a conference of like minded people is so much fun, you can bypass the normal preliminaries and stuck right in to the fairy tale nitty gritty. This was my 2nd Australian Fairy Tale Society conference and once I dropped off the award I was free to enjoy myself.

Read the AFTS conference highlights.

My conference highlights:

☙ Story teller Durgah Devi (Dee) Palanisamy's sassy 'Singlish' performance of Little Red Riding Hood, "You better eat me up like it says in the story!"

☙ Photographic artist Lorena Carrington included a timelapse process video in her presentation. I really enjoy seeing behind the scenes in an artist's process.

☙ Getting to meet Roslyn Quin's Book Wyrm friend 'Wordsworth'.

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