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Frog Kings and Princes

The Frog King or Iron Henry was the Australian Fairy Tale Society's fairy tale focus for it's 2nd e-zine, published this week. I love the initiative and I think from 'Letters to the editor' the rest of the membership does too. I was delighted to be interviewed for this edition and fascinated to see a 'behind the scenes' on the artistic process of photographic artist Lorena Carrington. Lorena tracks her process for a new work created specifically for this issue (very froggy!) I really enjoyed the in-depth discussion of Frog king tales and variants. Gabi Brown's retelling of the tale from 'Iron Henry's ' point of view was wonderful.

If you love fairy tales, consider becoming a member of the AFTS!

Vasilisa the Fair by Lorena Carrington

Vasilisa the Fair by Photographic artist Lorena Carrinton.

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