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October rewind

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

While work continues across a few projects, Spring continues to delight me with colour and scent.

Drilling and coldworking of branch segments

My coldworking chart filling up - satisfying!

More spring flowers in a Katie-Ann Houghton vase that I won in the Hotshop skills class (for research not technique alas)

Bluebells and tulips in my garden.

Our car for much of October.

Maddy showing me and Matt how slip casting is done.

Trimming the set slips.

Clockwise from top

Me using all the tables in the mold room for 3 different projects.

Carbonising the sand mix ready for sand casting

The Canberra Glassworks under 2 rainbows (perspective-my bus stop)

Sweetpeas from my garden

Sculpting practice

Right to left

Working out branch de-mounting and packing with the tech team

More skating

Getting some mini goddesses into the shop (the current CGW shop manager, Natasha is selling glass like hotcakes)

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