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December days

Christmas isn't the only fast-approaching date. There has been a lot going on... kilns, parties, filming, shopping, eating, and just a few deadlines. Below are a few snapshots of my December. I hope yours has been as busy and satisfying.

Above image clockwise from the top left:

  • I filled and fired the biggest kiln at the Canberra Glassworks. I could have lied down in it - but I didn't.

  • This time I'm sitting in James Turrell's Within Without 'skyspace' which I ducked into for a breather before heading into the Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery to do some Christmas Shopping.

  • Checking the kiln temperature. One of the first things I do when getting into the Canberra Glassworks in the morning is check the temperature of kilns I have firing. (and maybe give them a word of encouragement!)

  • One of the artists made a gingerbread house - can you see the 'glass' windows? Tasted great!

  • For the filming today I needed to take a RAT test. A crew from Sydney came down to film a project from blowing through to sandblasting. Who knows how many seconds, if at all I'll be on it.

  • I can't help myself taking pictures of glass and light

Below image clockwise from the top left:

  • Some winged cats tests in a small kiln

  • Gingerbread stars decorating the trees in Bowen Park (Glassworks Christmas Party)

  • The aftermath from deinvesting 2 kilns worth of glass

  • The car kiln stacked and ready to be fired (this took me all day)

  • Canberra Glassworks community settling in for the Xmas party

  • Measuring out glass for the firing.

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