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Curiosity killed the cat...

but satisfaction brought it back!

February's desktop and smartphone wallpapers were inspired by The Starless Sea and Valentine's day.

At the beginning of the tale, there is a marvelous Trompe l'oeil door painted on a wall, so real that the main character is tempted to try and open it.

Rendering that idea, I found over hours of frustration, was difficult. My drawing style is illustrative and I can't do realism, so somehow I needed to show the door to be a painted door on a wall and not a door in a wall.

By the way - the main character is not a cat, but there are cats in the book. And doors and Trompe l'oeil doors and bees.

If you would like this image for your phone or desktop, head over to my Patreon page. Every month I create a new image for all my Patrons - starting at $US1/$AU1.50 a month.

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