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I'm working my way through last year's TBR pile, which is very disciplined for me.

I may have bought Feathertide by Beth Cartwright for the cover, A Marvellous Light I bought at local author Feya Marske's launch, and The Every by Dave Eggers was a title for April book club.

Feathertide is a coming-of-age story with some wonderfully whimsical imagery. I can read about crumbling canal cities with colour designated wishing doors, mysterious mermaids, and feathered beings without caring much for the plot.

I really enjoyed the detail given to the magic system and the locations in A Marvellous Light, it took a while for me to warm up to the plot (and the main characters) though by the time we got to the spellbound estate garden and secret library (towards the end) I was beginning to get intrigued. A debut novel, perhaps the second book will be stronger.

The Every by Dave Eggers is a near-future satire on social media and the corporations that profit from it. I felt that it needed more depth to balance the sketchiness of the mockery. I could read a bunch of memes to get the same ideas... or maybe that was the point?

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