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2024 Handmade Planner

This is year 6 of making my planner by hand. Do I know you can buy them in the store? YES,

BUT It helps me slow down and think about the month ahead, I have a spot for all the things I need to keep noted - even kiln bookings! It suits me.

The process helps me slow down and think about the month ahead, info-dump the busyness inside my head, be a bit creative and get out the scissors and glue.

I use the hard card on the back of drawing pads for the outside cover. Print papers for decoration and stitch in paper then fill in the details with felt tip pens and coloured paper.

I changed a bit this year by stitching 4 signatures of paper in and made some templates and for neater stitching. Like last year I sealed the covers with an art medium.

I have a set template now for each month which has distilled over a few years.

🍄A decorative double-page: For January I've used a new print where I experimented with spraying water on the paint and plate. I found my bee stamp which has been missing for a while, so I couldn't help but use it. In a busy month I'll stick in a print I made months or years ago and maybe add a stamp or stickers.

🍄A double-page calendar: to mark in when I'm working with people and events. (book club, exhibition openings etc.)

🍄Projects mapped out by week over the month

🍄Books and movies list

🍄Shopping list - I tick them off as they arrive or move them on to next month

🍄Patreon - Making sure I get my wallpaper done and keep posting - and any special ideas

🍄Newsletter - I write down ideas for my newsletter as they come. It helps when I sit down at the end of the month

🍄Ideas log - so I don't fret about forgetting them. At the end of the year, I move them forward if I don't get around to them.

🍄 To-do list

🍄 Weekly diary with targets and tasks or projects of the week

🍄Each day I may write out things to do - or fill it in at the end of the day.

  • I forgot I wanted to put a pocket/envelope in to keep bits in.

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