Fast as a hare

Photograph used with permission of the owner.

Late last year a commission came through the Canberra glassworks to recreate an Alvis car mascot in glass.

The client brought in a metal hare figure which currently adorns his vintage Alvis automobile. He would like it in red glass. It's not quite as crazy as it sounds. Rene Lalique's studio designed quite a few hood ornaments when they were in fashion in the Art deco period, here are 2 pretty famous ones.

I'm still a bit concerned about how long it will last on the car BUT the client was pretty chuffed with it so I think it will be very well looked after.

I worked on this commission for some time. There were various challenges as outlined below. Needless to say I learned a lot making and recreating this tiny but spectacular object in crystal.

Above image top row L-R

1. The original metal hood ornament screwed on to the radiator cap

2. Pouring a good wax has been difficult due to the shape. I switched to a harder wax to get better detail and make it easier to pull the wax out of the mould. I lost lots of paws before I did this)

3. A couple of hares in red wax, sprued (ears and paws) and ready to invest. Sprues give air, a pathway to escape. Without them, the glass may not be able to fill those tight spaces.

4. Another wax in a pale microcrystalline. The sculptors wax (victory brown) I often use is too soft for this figurine.