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Getting to grips with the Go Pro

I'm always happy with books for Christmas presents, as I particularly love the guilt free reading time over the holidays. Christmas day 2018 I scored some great titles and was mildly speculating over the one not book shaped box, which I was imagining might be chocolates (another favourite as they go so well with books) but as the paper was peeled back I was stunned to find a Go Pro camera inside. Wow! Well, I didn't see that coming.

HOWEVER... this smart little box of magic (aka the GoPro) is making me feel rather inept. I usually pick up new apps/technology pretty quickly but with a very minimalist 'instruction' booklet I had to chase up some tubes videos just to find out where the charge socket was hidden...

I have recently spent some time with it and I'm glad to say there has been some progress. I have learned to say "Go Pro start recording" rather in the tone one addresses a puppy in obedience training.. and you know what it does! So at least that is one button I don't have to find (just kidding).

The above video shows a few prints from late 2018, with some birdsong in the background. Pretty basic as I'm on a steep learning curve here.

So, one of my goals for 2019 is to create regular video content using my Go Pro.

ps. thanks to VidProMom on her youtube for beginners Go Pro series - it has helped a lot.

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