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2 Halloween's

I had 2 Halloween's! The first was in Canberra with local friends... Thanks, Jacq!

I cobbled together a wood witch vibe with my seedpod hat, DIY'd paintbrush wand and a basket full of 'ingredients'. I painted my face green with red and white poisonous mushroom 'blush' and plucked an old farthingale skirt from my Theatre costume course 'way back when' with some op shop finds. The party was a lot of fun, everyone dressed up and I left just gone midnight to make sure I didn't miss the start of my second Halloween!

The second was in American time with the Carterhaugh Scool's 'Haunted: an online Halloween extravaganza' program which lasted all day (or 2am onwards for me). I have to confess I missed watching some of the live sessions for the occasional nap. It was a huge program of live readings with Dr. Theodora Goss,Shveta Thakrar, and Sara and Brittany, A Supernatural Ballad Cocktail Party, Lecture, and Performance w/ Dr.Stephen Winick which was amazing. Workshops in sophisticated face painting, rituals and storytelling. Sarah read the entirety of the Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins. Best Halloween yet!

I hope you had a fun Halloween too!

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