Aine revisited - Part I

February 23, 2020

I walked into my shed / studio the other day to find one of my waxes had fallen over. Thanks to the hot summer days (you know those 40+ ones) it slowly swayed, sunk and embedded itself into a saucepan full of wax (which took a hammer and determination to remove). 


I decided to remake it as the version I made in 2014 had some small cracks. I'm hoping that 6 years of experience since then will give a better result. As you can see I've modified the design too.

see the first cast glass version here


From L to R top

Saucepan stuck in sculpture

Re poured wax


Adding foliage


From L to R bottom

sprues /air release channels added

10+kg of plaster and silica powder later

The glass i'm using




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