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Origami Tessellations

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

It all started with folding a paper lampshade, and then a spark flew for a project I was working which had a crumpled paper component. How much better I thought, would it be if the paper was folded!!

I looked up some patterns, and thankfully the first fold I stumbled across (herringbone tessellation) was something relatively simple. I struggled until I found a particular video (thank you Daniel for your clear instructions - I still think pop, pop, pop when I'm collapsing the folds). My first try took a few hours to figure out, but with practice, I can now fold it quite quickly.

Honestly, I have fallen down a VERY large rabbit hole. I now know that there are tessellations AND corrugations, and the people that design them are often software developers. I love the look of more complex designs but I'm not sure I have the patience or a mathematical brain (actually I know I don't have the mathematical brain).

The spiral corrugations designed by mathematician Ekaterina Lukasheva are stunning (but apparently take years to master)

I used one of the origami tessellations for the background of this months Patreon desktop and smartphone wallpapers. Available to all Patrons - starting at USD$1- a month.

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