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Hill figures

Why have Hill figures been meandering around in my subconscious? Possibly the first tickle was watching a BBC2 doco with Neil Oliver presenting Sacred Wonders of Britain and that probably sparked the writing exercise my partner wrote for the 2020 June The Literal Challenge 'day 11 -- invent a history/place -- bonus if you include a white elephant' for which he wrote a wikipedia -esk article on The Nelliengton White Elephant and that in turn sparked an idea for me for the July Patreon Wallpapers.

The most famous of all Hill figures is the Bronze-Age  Uffington White Horse, (top) and comparatively many other hill figures are quite modern (see this handy list from Wiki)

I had been wanting to use the mono-print (bottom left on an old A4 envelope) for a while because I love the sense of landscape in an abstract sort of way. 

I added to the print with Derwent colour pencils and altered colour values and contrasts digitally. The Hare was loosely drawn over a sketch to emulate the Uffington horse style. I preferred the one circled (bottom right) and scanned it and digitally added it to the image.

And here is the final image. I created this for my Patron's July wallpaper and by request, I'm making it into a print.... and a naming competition details here


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