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Celestial events in April

April has the 'biggest' super moon this year. Often called a pink moon in the Northern hemisphere because of pink Spring flowers (and considering that Australia is having a second Spring after the harsh Summer), I thought this could be the flavour of this month's wallpaper for my Patrons.

When the planets align is a collage of mono-printing, oil pencils and digital magic.The background is mono printed (maybe with 3 or 4 layers) and then emphasised and added to it with Derwent oil pencils. After scanning I digitally added the flying horse and the other planets.

Wednesday is the time for the full moon, I hope you will be able to see it. I know I'll be looking up in the night sky from my garden.

April certainly seems to be a time for gazing up at the stars.

  • Venus crossed the Pleiades 3-4th

  • Full Super moon on the 8th

  • Next week from the 15th (an hour before sunrise) the crescent moon will slowly pass by a line up of planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Mercury

So many of the events are best seen just before dawn, which is not my favourite time of day! I did get to see Jupiter, Saturn and Mars line up at 4am thanks to my partner getting up in time for a theatre zoom meeting (Belfast time).

I love looking at the stars, I can spot the Pointers and the Southern Cross and Orion's Belt and then the Big dipper but after that, I get a bit confuddled, even with a map.

Earlier this year I downloaded the Stellarium app, on my phone which shows you what to look out for by pointing it at the sky. It brings together all those sparkles into context. The image below was from last night when it was overcast.

Another great resource for stargazing if you are in Australia is the monthly night sky guide & map from the Sydney Observatory. Download the guide and you can listen while looking at the sky.

Let me know if you catch a glimpse of any of these celestial events.

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