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November 2019 Wallpaper backgrounds

This month's background wallpapers come from an illustration I created for Folk Tale Week. I've spent many hours trying to capture some sense of the northern lights and thanks to 2 watercolour demonstrations by Peter Wooley on the milky way and the northern lights I think I'm getting close.

The background (everything but the white line drawings) is a watercolour and gouache painting I worked on today with the starry effects created with masking fluid and salt. The line drawings are from a stop motion animation I made in 2014 superimposed over the main image in photo shop.

In Orkney the Northern Lights are called the Merry Dancers or an older term is The Streamers. Seeing the Aurora Borealis or Australis in person is a long held wish.

I create this imagery for my wonderful patrons on Patreon. If you become a Patron (US$1 a month) you will get access to all my monthly wallpaper backgrounds designed for your your desktop or mobile devices.

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