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Patron rewards for November

This month's desktop wallpaper is made up from a nature print I made last month and a scanned sketch. The nature print foliage is from a tree that I walk by to and from the bus stop. Since I have started that technique I'm always looking out for interesting shaped leaves and flowers, so my bag usually has a leaf or two in it.

Looking back at the print I thought it need a creature to complement the foliage. I had plans to cut a deer stamp but I got a bit snarled up with deer legs (which are so thin and knobbly) and deer feet (which in reference images are usually hidden by the grass). About a thousand googled deer pictures later and lots of sketches I gave up for a bit.

I came back to it determined to have a satisfactory deer for the wallpaper this month, that is one of the great things about Patreon - I get things done! I looked back through my previous deer sketches and decided that none would do and I started again.

Eventually I got a satisfactory deer sketch scanned and then painted it in photoshop.

These wallpaper backgrounds are available to all my Patrons from $1 a month up. Join me on Patreon for exclusive wallpaper backgrounds, discounts on my Etsy shop and milestone rewards.

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